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Ten Great Adventurers Printed Book


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By Kate Dickinson Sweetser, Edited by Amy Puetz
Ages 10 and up
258 pages
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Also available as an ebook and an audio book

Let the Adventure Begin!

Each chapter in this book reads like an exciting work of fiction, yet is based on fact. These men lived lives of adventure and it’s fitting that their stories should be told with all the drama of a great story. Men and boys alike will relate to the thrilling experiences portrayed in these pages. Numerous illustrations help bring the stories to life. There are several maps that make looking up the locations a breeze.

Circumnavigate the globe with Sir Francis Drake, spread the gospel in Africa with David Livingstone, survive the wilds of Jamestown with Captain John Smith, discover the New World with Christopher Columbus, penetrate the wilderness with Daniel Boone, explore the Arctic with Sir John Franklin, capture Mexico with Hernán Cortes, fight the British with John Paul Jones, search for gold with Hernando De Soto, and secure Italy’s freedom with Giuseppe Garibaldi. In this book you will meet ten great adventurers from history.

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