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Thanksgiving Proclamations of Washington and Lincoln.

Text of the Magna Carta

Watch a video about Dunkirk and hear Winston Churchill's "We Shall Never Surrender" speech!

Sheet music to "Good King Wenceslas" and other free Christmas links.

Archives of Heroines of the Past e-zine!

List of Colonists at Roanoke, in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine I had an article about the Lost Colony of Roanoke here is a list of the colonists.

Civil War Resources, a few links to free stuff and several things you can buy!

Victorian Resources, a few links to free stuff and several things you can buy!

Ancient History Curriculum by Amy Puetz
Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History


Amy Puetz Welcome to my cozy little home on the Internet. Sit back and enjoy your visit. To begin, allow me to introduce myself--my name is Amy Puetz (pronounced Pitts). I’m a homeschool graduate and servant of Christ. There is one thing that you will notice right away about my site and that is that I LOVE history! I’ve always loved to learn about historical events and people who impacted their generation. While suffering from a chronic illness (fibromyalgia), the Lord led me to start an online business which I could do from home. Over the last few years my health has greatly improved, and I'm now able to do many things that had been impossible before. Praise the Lord!!! This website is the result of several years of work and I hope you enjoy your visit. (Read a longer bio.)

Thanks for coming by. I hope you enjoy looking around!!!

Comments from Homeschool Leaders

"Amy Puetz is my favorite historian."
~Dr. S.M. Davis

"Amy Puetz always finds the 'story' to tell about her person or event in history."
~Dr. Ruth Beechick, homeschool pioneer

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Store at

When I was a teenager if anyone had told me that one day I would write books I would have laughed in their face. Me a writer? You’ve got to be kidding! But sometime God opens up a door that we would never have imagined going through on our own. That’s what happened to me in writing. My ambition was to be an archeologist but during my high school years I began experiencing unbearable fatigue and pain. As I approached graduation I realized that I needed to rethink my plans for the future. The Lord led me to take a correspondence course to become a computer graphic designer. After completing the course I was hit with a most sensational idea--write a historical costume book! This book combined several of my passions--history, sewing, designing, and photography. Since then I’ve built up a business selling historical items and writing historical books. Visit the Store!

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Uncover Exciting History Ten Girls from History Ten Great Adventurers Printed Book
Costumes with Character Hoop Skirts and Fabulous Frocks

Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History

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